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Taobao.com Shopping Guide – General tips

As taobao.com becomes a very popular alternate choice of furniture/fixture shopping due to not just the pricing, but also the wide range of selection, we decided to come out with a series of shopping guide. These guides will primarily highlight the chinese keywords to be used during your search.

The trick to searching in taobao works the same as searching on Google. The more defined your search is, the more accurate result you will get. For example, searching just “sofa” will generate you a long list of items with a wide range of design. If you would define it specifically like “sofa, 2 seater, leather, european style” will also generate you a long list of items, but similar range but from different suppliers.

Tip 1: when you mouse over a product image in the list of results, you could see the following popping up:

The left button, 找同款, means to find the exact same model/design but from different suppliers. The right button, 找相似, means to find similar design.

Tip 2: always check for the number of transaction done, number of reviews, and the level of the seller:

For a detailed breakdown of the level of seller and grading system: by others

Tip 3: do not believe in the pretty photos posted by the seller; look at the review and photos by the buyers:

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