Material Exploration & Design Possibilities Series – Part 1

This is a series of documentation with regards to the different materials and design exhibited in Avenue Cafe. All readers are welcomed to patronize the cafe and self-explore the different solutions while sipping away a cup of caffe latte.   For majority of home owners, probably the number 1 dilemma would be choosing the material […]

21st January 2016 0

How to set Budget for your Home Renovation: BTOs vs. Resale Flats

After touching on budgeting for your home renovation, we can now go more in-depth on this topic, which is to compare the costs between renovating a BTO flat vs. a Resale.   There is a common misconception that the costs to renovate these two types of flats are the same. However, there are numerous factors […]

14th May 2015 0

How to set Budget for your Home Renovation

When we buy our first home, we often ask ourselves, “How much money am I willing to spend on renovation?” And before we get to that, let us figure out what kind of Home Owner are you. There are two kinds of Home Owners with regards to this aspect. We have those who will prefer […]

21st March 2015 0
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